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Cell Phone
I set my cell phone down on the counter top and sighs. I don't want to answer him back  but I know I should. I know, I could try an excuse, just like everyone else I work with when it comes to their families but I really don't want to do that. I know better than to try anyway. Besides, he would notice if I did that. It isn't exactly something I'm known for. I lean back against the countertop and shut my eyes for a few moments. I can't help but feel just drained and I end up taking a couple of breaths to keep myself standing.

I glance around the apartment. When the last time I've come back here? I can't seem to remember but I know it's been longer than a couple of days, not counting the times I've come back to shower and change clothes. And a faint rumble coming from my stomach causing me to automaticially take a few steps over to the cabinets and bindly reaching for one of two boxes that were inside of it. I frown when I notice that it is very light and I frown and throw the box into the trash can. Then repeated the steps with an annoyed sound when the second box turned out to be stale.

My mind wanders and I wonder if I have enough energy left in me to walk over to the store a few blocks away so I can get something, even if it's another box of cereal or something that's already made. I never liked cooking and I don't think I have enough in me to even try making anything short of throwing it in a microwave or opening up a box. Then it goes to "well, what do I even want?" Nothing comes to mind. I don't think I've wanted to eat since... I can't remember when.  Maybe, just replacing the boxes would be enough.

I quickly decide to just pull a jacket on and I start towards the door.

A few seconds later, my phone begins to buzz again and it moves around slightly, creating a grating sound which snaps me out of my thoughts about replacing the empty ceral boxes. I glance down at the screen. With a sigh, I run my hand through my hair and then answer it with a tired "Hello." My tone of voice comes across as tired, a little defensive and cautious.


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